Frome Artist Clive Walley

Frome artist Clive Walley has been working in his artist studio in Keyford Gardens for 14 years. His background is in artist’s film-making and led him to make a series of four annual video installations for the Frome Arts Festival using Michael Bennett’s paintings as an inspiration. They were shown in the Frome Museum Building.

More recently he has been making oil paintings which he showed in the Black Swan Arts Centre in Frome in January 2017, and was an invited guest in the international show The Arborealists, again in the Black Swan Arts Centre. In this years’s SAW event at Fyne Court one of the latest diptychs was included with the Arborealists. Most of the “Birches in Mist” have gone, though there are a few in the house.  You are welcome to come and see them at his studio in Keyford Gardens, Frome BA11 1JY. he showed with a photographer John Beeching in a show called Painting and Photography in Oriel Q in Narberth, Pembrokeshire in October 2022. The show personalised the relationship between the two media of the title and showed some pieces made by John and some by the artist, including some of the artists films he made for TV. Another small showing was held immediately after that in OWL in Frome which was successful with quite different work.

New series include “Tree Guards” and “Deluges” based on Leonardo’s drawings of the same name.