CLIVE WALLEY LIFE    ( list version 1943 – 2022 )

1943 Born in Cheshire, farming family
1961-64 Manchester University Engineering BSc. Painting begins
1965-66 Bangor University, Diploma in Education, Maths, Physics and Art
1965 One man painting show at Bangor University
1965 Included in Three Painters, Oriel Gallery, University of Bangor
1967 Sculptor/painter and author of Multi-media show, “Black and White”, Oriel Bangor
1968 Author and maker of Environment show, “Tunnels of Lovely”, Bangor University.
1970 One of three involved in 16mm Film, “Day Release”, about some rough apprentices
1970 Activist in Bryn-y-waen Art Workshop (Film co-op) with two others.
1970 Art Film, “Aboriginal Song” to accompany poem by Tony Conran for theatre.
1973 Acquired extremely cheap, large, collapsing house in Bangor for artists’ studios
1973 Painting into Welsh Arts Council (WAC) collection called “Posie”.
1974 First animated/painted film, “This is the Life?” WAC assistance, showing on TV, Bristol Independent Cinema, and Tate Gallery
1975 Two man painting show, Oriel Gallery, Bangor
1976 One man painting show, Llangefni: One man, Oriel Gallery, Bangor
1979 Beneficiary of “Cucumber” studio provided for artists within Bangor University,
1980 Six months intensive computer course, systems analysis
1981 One man painting show, Theatr Gwynedd, Bangor.
1982 One man painting show, Oriel Bangor
1982 S4C, new start-up TV channel in Wales, commission film “Y Rhaeadr” (Waterfall)
1985 One of three curating “Art For All”, Oriel Bangor, attempt at reviving gallery.
1986 One man painting show, Oriel Bangor; Residency Mold Arts Centre
1987 S4C commission “Quartet”, suite of 4x5min films
1988* “Prelude” (of “Quartet”) wins Rank Award at Celtic Film Festival
1989 “Quartet” completed, broadcast and sold to Channel 4
1989 Films shown in Ways of Seeing, Oriel Gallery Mostyn, Llandudno
1989 One man residency and show, Painting and Films, Wrexham Arts Centre
1989 Ran workshops on ‘painting TV’ in Bangor and Wrexham
1989 “Prelude” selected for competition, Annecy 89, and Bristol
1989 Built prototype multi-plane rig which has been used for all subsequent films
1990* The rig won Invention in Industry Award, National Eisteddfod, Welsh Culture Fest
1991 Completed “And Now You” for C4 and S4C TV channels, first on new rig.
1991 Commissioned to start “The Divertimenti” BBC2 and S4C, 6x3mins
1991 Invited to be the solo adjudicator for the Irish Small Works Show, Sligo
1992 Solo programme 4-Mations Channel 4, “Quartet” and “And Now You”
1993* “Div.No3 Brush Work” wins Experimental Award at Cinanima, Portugal
1994 “Div. Nos.1, 2, and 4” in special selection in Stuttgart
1994* “Div. No3” in short list for Cartoon d’Or, an all-Europe Award
1994* “Div. No3” Experimental Film Award, Ottawa
1994* Finalist BBC Wales, Artist of the year
1994 Finish “The Divertimenti” Series
1994 “Div. No3, 4 and 6” in Welsh Independent Animation Show, Film Tour
1995* “Space, Time and Paint”, a BBC2 Special, re: Artist and The Divertimenti.
1995* Retrospective at Dublin Animation Festival
1996 Showed as a “fringe event” during Celtic Film Fest in Oriel Gallery, Bangor
1996 “WYSYWIG” curated by Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Abstract painters + Divs
1996 9 paintings, “Painter in Paradise”, in Last Dance exhibition, Theatr Clwyd gallery
1996* Mediawave, Hungary, “Div. No.3” wins Professional Jury Award
1996* Zagreb, Abstract Animation Award 2nd Prize for Div. No5
1996* Zagreb, Art Print show in Arteria Gallery. Jury Award for Div. No5
1996 Made “Phase Change” MTv Ident.
1997 Finished Light of Uncertainty, 10 min for BBC2 and S4C
1997 Edinburgh Film Festival, interviewer of Yuri Norstein in “Scene by scene”
1997* Avanca Festival, Portugal, Best Animation Award for “Light of Uncertainty”
1997 “5 Films by Clive Walley” BBC2 Oct6th, “4xDivs” and “Light of Uncertainty”
1998* British Animation Awards, NFT, Cutting Edge Award for “Light of Uncertainty”
1998 Showed new photo-paintings in Arteria Gallery, Zagreb and St David’s Hall Cardiff
1998 Welsh Arts Council Bursary to develop Photo-paintings
1998 August repeat; Light of Uncertainty. BBC2
1998 Bradford Animation Awards, “L.o.U.” nominated for Professional Award
1998 Published long article about artist’s animation in Filmwaves No6, AC, London
1999 Subject of extended interview re. “The Divertimenti” in Animation Journal, USA.
1999 Jury member for Animate It competition (2nd time)
and BAFTA Cymru Animation Award (2nd. time)
1999 Began making commercials: VIBRANT, Procter and Gamble, AIM USA (two ads)
2000* Silver Medal Award NEW YORK FESTIVALS for VIBRANT Ad.
2000 Nomination for BEST ADVERT at British Animation Awards, London.
2001 Sequences for Grammies Awards for “Breathe” which won three awards for Faith Hill
2001 Made interactive piece “Measuring Wales” for Mostyn/Photogallery show A470
2001 Key speaker at “Sonimation” launch Norwich and wrote DVD text for Sonic Arts
2001 Artist in Residence Mostyn Art Gallery (six weeks)
2001 “Measuring Wales” in “A470” in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
2001 “Measuring Wales” featured in Hanku Wales Week, Japan.
2001 Guest speaker at Hybrids Festival UEA (Electro/acoustic music festival)
2001 Invited speaker at Welsh Animation Group and featured in their magazine
2001 Featured artist in Norwich Art Gallery November “ANIMATION”
2001 One winner of S4C Animate-It Award to make “Adagio”
2002 Retrospective and “Teacup”, a new work for DVD in FIVE gallery London
2002 Graphics, film prints/negs, drawings etc. collected into National Archive, Aberystwyth
2002 “Adagio” premiere in Regus London Film Festival
2002 New installation piece “Particles2” included in “Square Art” Soho,
2002 “Adagio” invited into Rotterdam International film festival
2003 “Teacup” included in Gallery Show “TENT” assoc. with Rotterdam International FF
2003 “Adagio” invited into Hong Kong International Film Festival.
2002/3 Single lectures at; UEA Norwich, UPA Cambridge, De Montford University Music
department, Aardman Animation Bristol, Widcombe Artists Group Bath, Merlin
Theatre Frome, Norwich Animation Festival (Panel Member)
2003 Stills from “Adagio” selected for UNICEF 2004 diary
2003 Invited onto Board of Mostyn Art Gallery, Llandudno.
2003 Speaker at CILECT international conference for Film-school academics, Cardiff
2004 Donated multi-plane rig to Royal College of Art
2004 Moved to Keyford, Frome, in Somerset
2004 A470 “Measuring Wales” invited into Wales Millenium Centre opening show
2005 Single lecture RCA
2005 Make more Chaos Paintings in Keyford studio
2005 Divertimento 2 in National Gallery – Short before “The Big Country”
2005 Included in “Spacetricks” Museum of Design, Zurich
2005 Presentation in Museum of the History of Science Oxford “Understanding Einstein”
2006 “Spacetricks” tours Europe. James Hockey gallery, Farnham
2006 “Science and Art – Poles Apart”, Presentation to the Widcombe Studios
2006 “Learn How To Paint Movies” workshop for Frome Arts Festival
2007 “Disciples” video installation, Hill Gallery, Kilmersdon
2007 Drawing in the Digital, Wolverhampton. Panel member and retrospective show
2008 “Sanctuary”. Video installation in Frome Museum. Based on Michael Bennett paintings
2009 “Refuge”. Video installation in Frome Museum. Based on Michael Bennett paintings
2010 Clive Walley retrospective. The “Public”. Sandwell
2011  Part curator of Hassel Smith, Paintings. Silk Mill Gallery Frome
2011 “Two and One”. Video installation in Frome Museum, Michael Bennett paintings
2012 “Transcience” Video installation in Frome Museum and Black Swan. MB paintings
2012 Curated Michael Bennett’s paintings in Black Swan.” Presence”.
2013 Curated Chris Bucklow’s paintings in Black Swan. “Talking about painting”
2013 Curated Charlotte Moore’s paintings on wire mesh. “Off the Wall”. Black Swan
2014-16 Began painting sequence “Birches in Mist”.
2017 Clive Walley solo show of paintings in Black Swan. Chris Bucklow curated
2018 Birches in Mist diptych in Arborealist show in Black Swan
2018 Open Studio event for Somerset Art Week. Birches in Mist selected for Black Swan Open
2019 Diptych No.119,120 selected for Arborealist Somerset Art Week show in Fyne Court

2020 Covid Lock down. SAW digital festival. More paintings inc. Stalingrads and Llanthony

2021 Somerset Art Week Open studio show.

2022 Oriel Q Narberth. Painting and Photography (with John Beeching)